Summer is the new winter


What if summer became the new trendy season in Chamonix?

Why not?

We have seen all these facts this year: The winter season is getting shorter and shorter, snow is not as abundant as it was before, skiing is no longer guaranteed although Chamonix remains one of the highest resorts

But as surely as our alpine winters are showing uncertainty due to lack of snow, the hot summers are attracting more and more tourists looking for pure air, less crowds and new sensations.

Chamonix is above all a magnificent setting that is perfectly suited to relaxation and adventure.

Less busy and crowded than during the winter season, Chamonix shows another facet of its personality in the summer: like an athlete who loves to recharge their battery and enjoy the “art de vivre” mountain style.


The core nature of the Chamonix valley is made for an exceptional summer tourist trade: its bright pure lakes to enjoy water in diverse ways, its forests as far as the eye can see, its thousand and one family, cultural and sports activities…

Who has not dreamt of relaxing in a truly stunning nature setting with pure air and alpine attitude?

However, these various assets sometimes need a little boost to make summer stays even more memorable. All the features that make our chalets so great in winter are no longer enough for perfect comfort in summer.

Guests spend much more time outside their accommodation to benefit from the warm weather so gardens, views, spas and BBQs take priority


Our aim is to continue to be ranked as a top destination throughout the year, we are taking Summer very seriously and improving our services and facilities across the board

So how to make this Summer season a “Chamoniard” must?

To make your Summer rental season a success you will have to bet on high end features for your property: comfortable garden lounges, barbecues and manicured gardens are all vital elements to increase the quality and rental revenue of your property.

In addition to being less expensive than winter holidays, a Summer stay in Chamonix offers less crowds and more variety and will divert you from going to the seaside systematically….

So enjoy real luxury in Chamonix and let the nature do the rest.

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